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Charting a New Course for Sustainable
Urban Coastal

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Ship's Wheel

As a leader, business owner, and humanitarian, I have always believed in the importance of setting and demonstrating the moral and ethical courage necessary to successfully carry out our Hugo Neu mission with purpose, clarity and importantly, passion. 


​For Hugo Neu, our passion for achieving smart, green, inclusive and socially equitable sustainable development – as demonstrated by Kearny Point – is less about Leadership and more about Stewardship.

Or perhaps I see them as one and the same.

Wendy Kelman Neu, President & CEO

Hugo Neu and Kearny Point

About Us

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  • Hugo Neu is a privately owned company that invests, builds, manages and supports innovative businesses, in the recycling, real estate re-development, environmental and related industries.  The company is founded on our principal values of fair and just economic, social, and environmental sustainability and community empowerment. 

  • Our mission is to foster a healthier environment while accelerating equitable, sustainable, green growth and living wage jobs and improved quality of life for ALL present and future generations, the outcome is much better.

  • Specializing in sustainable, resilient commercial/industrial re-development, electronics recycling, providing capital for small clean/green businesses and start-ups along with those businesses and jobs seekers with barriers to entry.

  • Hugo Neu’s pivotal sustainable development model and recipient of a Smart Growth Award is Kearny Point,  location of a historic former federal navy shipyard along the Hackensack River in NJ, currently being transformed into a $1B modern commercial/industrial redevelopment campus in a NJ urban enterprise and opportunity zone.  Our motives and ambitions go beyond the that of the typical industrial corridor model with a vision for cleaner, more vibrant ecological restoration and access to nature, along with accommodating  innovative  "maker" spaces, light manufacturing and support for diverse, innovative jobs growth and resilient, climate-friendly  economies.

  •  Kearny Point's phased master plan for the 130 acre site aims to achieve greener, cleaner redevelopment with fair and equitable small business and job growth opportunities for all - those with barriers to entry alongside small to medium start-ups and businesses representing green/clean tech, along with trade and services sectors to support a sustainable future. 

  • We not only see ourselves as sustainability stewards, but also are positioning Kearny Point's revitalization as a long-standing place-based anchor for the surrounding community – economically, socially and environmentally, today and tomorrow.  

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Hugo Neu Greenprint Resiliency Fact Sheet. Kearny Point (003)_Page_2.jpg


Z Community Center

Water Resources Restoration & Protection

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Nature & Ecosystems Regeneration

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Historic Preservation & Adaptive Reuse
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Climate Preparedness, Flooding & Resilience

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 Renewable Energy & EV

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People & Animal Health & Well-Being
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Social & Economic Justice for Disadvantaged Communities & Returning Citizens
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Water Resources Restoration & Protection

Hackensack River along the Kearny Point waterfront.

Hurricane Map

Climate Preparedness, Flooding & Resilience

Kearny Point Flooding & Resiliency Study
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Kearny Point Innovative Flood Risk Assessment & Water Resilience Study – Findings, Recommendations and Transferability for Climate-Impacted Urbanized Coastal Communities

Kearny Point Flooding & Resiliency Study Highlights 10.11.22.dlueckenhoff2_Page_09.jpg
Kearny Point Flooding & Resiliency Study
Kearny Point Flooding & Resiliency Study
Kearny Point Flooding & Resiliency Study

Nature & Ecosystems Regeneration


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 Renewable Energy & EV

Electric Charging Station
Historic Preservation & Adaptive Reuse

Kearny Point was originally developed by U.S. Steel Corp in 1917 as the Federal Shipyard and Drydock Company. Federal was the leader in the fabrication method of ship construction where parts were made in a separate shop on site and then assembled at the shipway.


Federal was credited with pioneering techniques of welding  and riveting which reduced the time it took to build a ship by as much as a third.  Federal workers also developed a high-pressure, high-efficiency steam turbine which was adopted by the Navy in 1936.

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